An Animated Timelapse


Educational Animation

I did something similar for a client in an explainer animation. Telling the story of scientific advancements regarding a certain topic. Over time showed trial and error, but eventually, the scientists came to master the science. That too was done using a timelapse animation.

Project Characteristics


In cinematography, a timelapse is an effect to convey to the audience that a significant amount of time has passed. By speeding up the footage or file sequence so that the normally slow action feels energetic and enjoyable. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying these forest cabin videos for example by Erik Grankvist. That’s where the inspiration came from.

Timelapses are pretty common in movies of all sorts, from feature films to instruction videos. However, we rarely see someone use a timelapse effect in animation, at least I don’t know of many. (Big Hero 6 has the one I know of.)


Stylized 3D animation is a type of computer-generated animation that emphasizes visual style and artistic expression over photorealism.

Some of the key characteristics of stylized 3D animation include:

Characters and objects in stylized 3D animation often have exaggerated proportions, such as oversized heads, eyes, or limbs.

Stylized 3D animation often simplifies forms and shapes to create a more stylized and recognizable look.

Stylized 3D animation often features bright, bold colors that add to the overall visual impact of the animation.

Stylized 3D animation often incorporates exaggerated, playful, and expressive movement to further enhance the artistic style and emotional impact of the animation.

Narrative and Concept

Stylized 3D animation is often used to tell unique, imaginative stories and explore abstract concepts in a visually striking way.

Overall, stylized 3D animation offers a highly creative and artistic approach to digital animation that focuses more on conveying the story’s important message or idea than visual accuracy and realism.