2D & 3D Motion Design

With MV.ARTZ, we aim for motion design with a purpose. Every video has a goal, and every movement is intentional.

We understand that every brand evokes a feeling in its customers whether it’s robust, summery, togetherness, or euphoria! That makes sense, right? All experiences with your brand shape the consumer’s brand perception.
Motion design is certainly no exception.

Playing with timing, directing viewer attention, and influencing colors to create just the right mood are just a few of the tools MV.ARTZ utilizes to strike the right chord.

Who is MV.ARTZ? Menno van Roon is the founder of MV.ARTZ. Born near Rotterdam, he also embodies traces of the famous ‘actions speak louder than words’ mentality.

With over 7 years of experience as a motion designer and a passion for visual storytelling, Menno aims to elevate each video to a new creative level.

Get moving, and get in touch with MV.ARTZ.

Youtube Backpack - MVARTZ



MVARTZ is familiar with all kinds of animation projects.

From showcasing various products in commercial animations to explaining complex and/or abstract concepts in easy-to-follow explainer videos.

Ultimately, every brand has a unique story, and that’s where it all begins. Interested in what we can do together?

Check out the portfolio.

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