Hydro Wind Energy


Educational Animation

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked on a project for Hydro Wind Energy. This animation was created to share DOB-Academy’s objective opinion on HWE’s wind turbines. And explain how this could possibly solve one or maybe even several challenges for wind energy.

Project Characteristics


This animation style is the evolution of DOB-Academy’s original 60 seconds style. Which is a take on the commonly used 2D vector explainer video. The 3D gives it more freedom, literally in all axes. 

Abstract or complex ideas can be easily translated into manageable and understandable concepts.


This character design resembles a lego mini figure, but with a twist. Where Lego characters have rigid and limited movement, this fellow has stretchy arms.

The seemingly simplistic design helps direct the viewer’s attention to the subject of explaining, while not being the main focus of the story. This design is a good mix of playful and serious. 

It is fun to play around with the endless flavoring variations possible. Dressing them up for several professions or occasions is a good way to keep a series interesting. Audiences love to see what new and funny settings we can put these characters through, and still make them make sense.


This animation was mainly done in Blender 3D. With a soft shading and monochromatic look, this style is easy on the eyes and all drops of color stand out to direct the viewer’s attention to important parts of the story.