MVARTZ Channel Trailer


Commercial Animation

To promote my youtube channel and introduce myself I animated this video in an explainer style.
On this channel, I like to share all things I’m learning as a 3D artist.

That is a wide variety of subjects, all animation related, but I would shy away from branching out to other creative disciplines. Because storytelling in whatever way shape or form is leading for me.

Project Characteristics


This type of character is playful and usually animated with stretched limbs and noodly movements.

This style is called rubber hose after its namesake rigging addon. Only this time animated in Blender 3D instead of the usual vector style.

Each scene plays on some level on the importance of that story bead, amplifying the message for the viewers. This makes it a very suitable style for education also known as explainer animations.


The theory of shape language is used in art, character design, and 3d animation to express intent. This is all based on shapes we are all too familiar with. 

When used in character design shapes express personality. Which in itself helps propel the story, either making the character appealing and relatable or causing conflict with our own motives and beliefs. Provoking emotional response in the viewer without using any words.

All character designs can be broken down into primitive shapes or depending on the complexity and realism, a combination of primitive shapes.

The design is fairly simplistic, yet dressed up everything turns out quite cute. I think it is the contrast of simplicity and the added detail that makes it appealing, like a kid dressing up as a grown-up. You can’t help but adore them.


The most important thing for me in our line of work is storytelling.

Nice-looking renders and animations only get you so far, your audiences need to feel something or undergo a process of change when they’re watching the animation.

This way the viewer builds emotional rapport with the brand, which hopefully leads to more brand loyalty.