Rotor Serious Game Experience


Promotional Animation

To promote a serious game of DOB-academy, named the Rotor case, I could contribute to this production, with a variety of shots.

Some were rendered 3D animations, others were stop-motion animations.

Project Characteristics


This project aimed to convey the experience of playing a serious game in an abstract way. So pupil dilation could be a shock emotion or dopamine hit in the story.

These sensory expressions combined in a fast-paced edit will convey the emotional response the player will get from the serious game.


The crafty look and feel of stop motion can give a product or service an approachable feeling.

Sometimes CG artists try to emulate stop-motion in 3D animation, these types of animations can be combined in both directions.


Storytelling is a craft in itself. There is the famous 3 act structure. You can use linear or nonlinear storytelling. Stories can be matter-of-fact or abstract and emotional.