Safety video – Clear the Building Assembly Point



Working on a lot of explainer animations I feel the need to keep things fresh. And with me, a lot of motion designers research new styles, looks, and feels. It’s fun and necessary to keep the creative juices flowing, to do just that I decided to convert a vector illustration to a 3d scene.

Project Characteristics


Animations like these can be perfect to convey complex and or important information in a light and bite-sized manner.

For example when giving instructions to employees in case of emergencies. Directing them to the assembly point.

Guiding them through all necessary actions toward safety

Style guide

Light, value variations, and color are the tools of an artist. A lighter has three objectives. The first goal is to direct the viewer’s eye. The viewer should focus on the important parts that move the story forward.
The second goal is the shaping of an object. A shadeless object could be perceived as flat, in some scenarios obscuring the shapes or silhouette. All animation, in some form or another, is based on realism. Therefore most illustrations/animations have some form of lighting to convey a hint of three-dimensionality
The third goal is to convey the mood of a scene/story using color and contrast.

Vector illustrations are usually flat, however, sometimes there is a bit of cell shading or grain arcing to accentuate the shadows and highlights.

As you can see, my vector illustrations didn’t have any vector shapes that should resemble either shadow or highlight. Obviously, because we use real lighting to bring that into the 3D scene.


The change it makes when converting a vector illustration into a 3d scene is unfathomable. Your image immediately feels fresh and rejuvenated.
Having worked for a bunch of clients, I can tell you that 90% appreciate it when you offer them a new style. 

Where I’m from the ‘Kurzgesagt’ and ‘Motion design school’ styles are often used for educational videos. Making every exception stand out even more. Immediately creating a unique brand experience.