Looping Toffee Factory


Promotional Animation

These mini-factories have been trending among 3d artists. When working for Ecorunner I made a similar setup, with conveyor belts and a factory setting.

It turned out great and I wanted my Youtube followers to see these techniques too, so I twisted that animation with a new look and feel.

Project Characteristics


These loop animations are captivating, pleasing to the viewer’s eye, and entertaining.

Are you curious how this was made, then let me redirect you to this video:

Social media

Creating a looping animation is perfect for social media, with Tiktok and other short content platforms like shorts and reels, the demand for this style has increased.

That said, a similar style for a more extended form of content is also perfectly acceptable.


This clean and soft look is easy on the eyes because there is little use of PBR textures.

Those are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, yet in this style, that would interfere with the stylization of the models. Which the audience could perceive as noise.

A balance between diffuse and specular shading, the contrast in brightness and saturation will add interest instead.